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About The Collection:
I received my first model horse as a gift for Christmas in 1972 (a Breyer Western Pony), and have collecting Breyer and other horse-shaped objects ever since. I started adding dog figurines to my collection after I adopted an ex-racing Greyhound in 1993, and then began to collect other breeds I owned or was interested in (Irish wolfhound, borzoi, Scottish deerhound).

Some of the images on this site may look familiar if you've visited The Model Horse Gallery, as many of my photographs were included as early reference material for that site.

It's also worth noting that I don't own all of this collection any longer. I sold a number of the pieces on eBay when I moved in 2000, and all of the remaining pieces are packed away in storage boxes at the moment (so I haven't a clue which pieces I still own). So this is an archive of my collection as it existed circa 2000 or so, with a handful of recent additions.

If you can provide any information on an item I've listed with an unknown manufacturer or artist, please email me at with any knowledge you have.

Thanks for visiting!

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