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Mattell Toys, early 70s Molded plastic wth jointed legs  (11.75in)
Note: the stand has a lever you can move to make the horse "canter;" the white socks were added later.
Molded plastic wth jointed legs
Bonanza Horse
American Character
Note: this horse has wheels on the bottom of three hooves.
Lady Jewel
1992 JC Penny Special Run
1992 JC Penny Special Run
Sir Galahad (repainted)
Molded plastic (11in)
Note: sold as part of set with plastic knight, hard molded tack, and Medieval props. Horse's original (and only) color was black with a silver mane, tail and hooves copyright 1964.
Molded plastic with jointed legs, neck, head and synthetic mane and tail.
Sold as part of a set with "HRH Princess Anne" doll and lots of great plastic tack. Circa 1976.
Molded plastic with jointed legs, head, and rubberized tail (9.5in)
Circa 1977-1978.
Note: part of the Lone Ranger Toys series.
Netsuke Horse
Molded plastic (2in)
Antique Bronze finish
Stone Horses

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