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Glass & Ceramic:


Arabian Horse, prancing
#A-2049 White (gloss)
1989-Present (2.5in)
Mini Mini Stallion
#A-452 Buckskin (gloss)
1970-1992 (1.25in)
Mini Mini Mare
#A-452 Buckskin (gloss)
1970-1992 (1.25in)
Mini Mini Foal
#A-452 Buckskin (gloss)
1970-1992 (1in)
Foal, running
#A-235 Buckskin (gloss)
1954-Present (2in)
Foal, lying
#A-236 Buckskin (gloss)
1953-1985 (1.2in)
Mare, running
#A-233 Buckskin (gloss)
1954-Present (2.75in)

Draft Horse, in harness
#A-341 Chestnut (gloss)
1957, 1979-1985 (2.75in)
Clydesdale Horse, on base
#A-3127 Bay
1993-Present (2.2in)
Percheron, tail up
#A-3213 Dapple grey (gloss)

Morgan Mare "Heather"
#B-548 Palomino (matte)
1954-1957 (5in)
(alternate view)
(alternate view)
(alternate view)
Morgan Horse, on base
#A-2009 Dark bay (gloss)
1988-Present (2.5in)
Morgan stallion "Shiloh"
#3261 Bay (gloss)
1998 (3in)
Morgan mare "Liberty Belle"
#3262 Bay (gloss)
1998 (2.25in)
Morgan foal "Legacy"
#3263 Bay (gloss)
1998 (2")

Horse, rearing
#A-234 Bay (gloss)
1954-1985 (3.5in)
Mustang, rearing, forelegs out
#A-2050 Dark grey
1989-1993 (3.75in)
Horse, rearing "Skywalker"
#3284 Dun (gloss)
1998-Present (4.5in)
Indian Pony
#A-3110 Brown pinto
1993-Present (2in)
Mustang, turning
#A-360 Black pinto (gloss)
1980-1984 (2.75in)
Yearling, head up
#A-362 Black pinto (gloss)
1980-1984 (2in)

Shetland Stallion "Wrangler"
#B-566 Chestnut (matte)
1954-1957, 1967 (4in)
(alternate view)
Pony, head down
#17 Chestnut (gloss)
1981-1984 (5.5in)
Pony, head down
(alternate view)
Circus Pony, head down with harness
#A-267 White with blue harness (gloss)
1980-1983 (1.75in)
Circus Pony, head up with harness
#A-266 White with red harness (gloss)
1980-1983 (2.2in)
Western Pony
#A-323 Palomino (gloss)
1979-1984 (2.5in)
Shetland Stallion
#A-3065 Chestnut (gloss)
1992-Present (2in)
Shetland Mare
#A-3066 Chestnut (gloss)
1992-Present (2in)
Shetland Foal
#A-3067 Chestnut (gloss)
1992-Present (1.5in)

Thoroughbred Racehorse "Seabiscuit"
#A-10 Chestnut (Gloss)
1993-Present (2.75in)
Thoroughbred stallion "Mistweaver"
#3273 Grey (gloss)
1998 (2.75in)
Thoroughbred mare "Quicksilver"
#3273 Grey (gloss)
1998 (3in)
Thoroughbred foal "Raindrop"
#3273 Grey (gloss)
1998 (2.5in)
Thoroughbred, on base
#A-2084 Chestnut (gloss)
1990-1994 (2.2in)

Other Breeds:
#A-3169 White (gloss)
1995-1997 (3.25in)
Appaloosa Mare and Foal
#A-2010 (mare) grey blanket & #A-2111 (foal) chestnut snowflake
1988-Present (2.25in)
Appaloosa Foal "Sizzle"
#3268 Chestnut appaloosa (gloss)
1998-Present (2.2in)
American Saddlebred, Stye 2 (Stamp Horse)
#A-2013 Chestnut (gloss)
1988-Present (2.25in)

Unicorn Baby (Fantasia)
#5056 Light blue
1957-1958 (2in)
Unicorn Baby (Style One)
#A-956 White (gloss)
1978-Present (1.5in)
  Standard Catalogue of Hagen-Renaker (2nd Edition)
by Gayle Roller
Charlton Press 1999

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